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Getting started with your new .eco domain name
Do I need to set up a .eco profile for every .eco domain I buy?
Do I need to set up a .eco profile for every .eco domain I buy?

How do I manage multiple .eco domains and .eco profiles?

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Adding your .eco domains to your dashboard

You will receive an activation email for every .eco domain that you purchase. Assuming that all domains are registered using the same email address, you will see all of the domains added automatically to your .eco profile dashboard.

If different email addresses were used (as may happen when registering a domain with domain privacy) you will need to click on the link in each activation email in order to add the domain to your .eco dashboard.

Linked .eco profiles

Once you have activated the .eco profile for one of your domains, you can then link the other domains to that profile. This saves you from having to activate the .eco profile for each .eco domain you own, especially if they all represent the same company, organization or individual. You are, of course, welcome to activate multiple profiles, especially if the domains are used for different purposes and the .eco profile would have different data.

To link a domain name, select the activated profile that you would like to link to and then click the Link button. Any visitor browsing to the linked profile will be redirected to the profile that it is linked to.

Linking your profile will also release the domain name so that it is free for you to start to use, direct traffic to or set up email for.

Try the feature out and let us know what you think!

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