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Why do I need to fill out a .eco profile?
Why do I need to fill out a .eco profile?

Your .eco profile is required before you can start using your .eco domain

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.eco profiles are an individual and collective statement of commitment and action. By completing your .eco profile, you send a message that you care about being a part of this community. As a result, .eco domains will be recognized as trusted sources of environmental information. 

The .eco profile is the community's way of encouraging transparency about your commitments and actions, and we hope that they will contribute to an active, engaged community of .eco registrants from around the world.

Once your .eco profile is created, your .eco domain name will be automatically available to use.

You should have received an invitation to complete your .eco profile soon after registering your name. If you didn't receive it, please see these instructions on resending your activation email. We'll make sure you can get set up and start using your .eco domain.

People are already using .eco profiles to share their stories. Check out some of our favourites here.

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