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How do I sign up for or sign in to my .eco profile account?
How do I sign up for or sign in to my .eco profile account?

This article describes how to access the profiles for your .eco domains

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Creating your .eco profile account

When you purchase a .eco domain, you will receive an activation email that will enable you to create an account on the web site. When you click on the secure link in the email to activate your profile, you will be taken to a page on to create your account. sign up page

You have two options for creating your account. You can either enter your name, email address and password or you can sign up using your Google or Gmail account.

If you choose to enter your details, please ensure that your password is unique and stored securely.

Signing up with Google is both quick and secure. will only access your name and email address. It will not have any other information about your Google profile or any access to your Google account.

Signing into your .eco profile account

Once you have signed up for your .eco profile account, you will stay signed in for 30 days - as long as you are using the same device and browser. Once your session expires, you will need to sign back in to edit your .eco profiles.

As with the sign up page, you have two options to authenticate: either using an email address and password or signing in using your Google account.

If you previously signed up using the same email address as your Google account (eg. [example], choosing the ‘Sign in with Google’ option will automatically link your account and you will have access to your .eco profiles.

If you previously signed up using a different email address and then choose to sign in with a Google account, you will not have access to any .eco profiles on your account dashboard. You will need to continue to sign in using the email address and password you used originally.

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