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How can I give others access to manage my .eco profile?
How can I give others access to manage my .eco profile?

You can send invitations to grant other emails access to edit your .eco profile

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When you first activate your .eco profile, you are likely at a fairly early stage of setting up your new .eco domain. Over time, you may want to grant others in your organization access to help keep your .eco profile up-to-date. Perhaps someone from your marketing team or your compliance team.

In addition, you may want to manage your account using an email address set up under your .eco domain. Or you might want to grant access to an email that you have that uses a Google Account so that you can get the security benefits that Google provides, such as multi-factor authentication.


In general, it's good practice to ensure that at least two people in your organization have access to edit your .eco profile for the sake of redundancy and to deal with staff turnover.

You can use the Invitations feature under the account menu in the .eco profile system to send an invitation to grant additional emails access to your .eco profile account. Just enter the email address and name of the person that you would like to add and then select the profile that you would like them to be able to access.

Screenshot of the form used to invite a user to manage a .eco profile.

If you have multiple .eco domains, you will need to send one invitation per domain that you would like them to access.

You can also see the list of all invitations that have been sent to the .eco profiles that you have access to. If you see an email address in the list that you don't recognize or if you send an invitation to the wrong email address, you can cancel the invitation.

Cancelling an invitation will prevent that invitation from being used to gain access to your profile. However, it will not remove access to your profile if the invitation has already been used to gain access.

You can see if an invitation has been used if its status is Accepted. If an invitation has been sent but has not been used, the status will say Invited. Invitations that can no longer be used will have a status of Cancelled.

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