How much does .eco cost?

The cost to register a .eco domain varies across registrars

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You can buy .eco domains from different retailers, known as registrars. We have over 80 different retailers offering .eco names around the world. You can find the best one for you by searching for a name at

Typically we see .eco names available to register for between US$60-125/year. 

If you want to keep your .eco name, you'll need to renew it on an annual basis. Typically the renewal price at your registrar will be the same as the first year registration price.

There are a couple of tools available online to help you find the best prices for .eco domains:

What’s behind the price? 

When you purchase a .eco, you’re getting a number of added benefits: trust, transparency, support and community. When creating .eco, we sought to land on a price that would support those benefits for our members. The benefits we offer are based on what we understood that our community wanted. We worked closely with environmental groups to design .eco to reflect the conscious, innovative nature of our community. 

Trust: Everyone who uses a .eco domain makes a commitment to the environment. This makes .eco a shared brand. Each .eco owner enhances the reputation of all of the other owners. Collectively, the impact is magnified. 

Transparency: Each .eco domain comes with a free landing page (your .eco profile) that provides a structured environmental reporting solution that is both simple and connected. Not everyone can afford a full time sustainability officer. So we’ve done that work for you by creating a .eco profile page. Developed by leading sustainability experts, the .eco profile gives you and your visitors confidence that you are tackling environmental issues the right way. 

Support: Unlike many domain ending operators, we only operate .eco. That’s why we can focus on supporting our community full time. We, and other .eco members, are building a learning community. With us, sustainability isn’t intimidating, it’s fun and easy. 

Community: A sense of shared responsibility, both for the planet, and for our brands, is what drives .eco. Trust, transparency and support are the walls, community is our foundation. There’s no better place to starting building your brand, than with one that’s built on these values. 

We hope you’ll join us. Check out and find a .eco name that you love.

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