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What happens when I report a .eco profile?
What happens when I report a .eco profile?

When to report a .eco profile and what happens if you do.

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When should I report a .eco profile? 

Everyone that activates a .eco domain makes the .eco pledge: 

As a community domain, we ask that members: 

1. Are truthful with the information they share on their .eco profiles and websites. 

2. Share content that is consistent with the .eco mission and purpose.

If you see a .eco profile or website that you think is either dishonest or is harming the community in some way, let us know about it by clicking on the report a .eco profile link. It's in the bottom right of every .eco profile: 

What happens when I report a .eco profile? 

When you report a profile, it creates a case in our system. We will investigate and if needed, follow-up. 

In most cases, a simple private nudge to the .eco community member will help them understand our approach. 

In some cases, we may need to take further action by putting the domain on hold, or ultimately by taking it down, in accordance with .eco policies. We think this will be very rare, and will only occur where there is active effort to undermine the community's goals. 

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