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What is the story for on my .eco profile?
What is the story for on my .eco profile?

The story section tells the world about the great things you're doing to create a more sustainable planet.

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The story section on your .eco profile is a way for you to tell the world a bit about yourself, your business or organization. It's a great way to highlight some of the things that you're doing to make a more environmentally and socially sustainable planet.

The story can only contain only be 500 characters long, so it's best to keep it simple and succinct. You may want to choose text that isn't going to need to be updated frequently. As the content will be indexed by search engines, choosing the right keywords can help your visitors discover your .eco profile.

The text does not need to be in English. You can use whichever language you are most comfortable with or is most familiar to your visitors or customers.

You can format the text in the story section by highlighting the words that you would like to style. You can also add links to specific pages on your .eco website using the # button.

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