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Can I list my environmental certifications and the organizations I belong to on my .eco profile?
Can I list my environmental certifications and the organizations I belong to on my .eco profile?

Adding the certifications and memberships that you hold is a great way to use your .eco profile to showcase your environmental credentials.

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We like to think of a .eco profile as a structured sustainability policy. Unlike the sustainability policy you may have on your website, the .eco profile system allows visitors to discover your organization by browsing or searching through the .eco profile system to see who within the .eco community is certified or a member of an organization. It's also a great way to help promote the organizations that you support. And it highlights the strength of the .eco community as a force for positive change for our planet.

Adding a certification or membership to your profile

Adding a certification or a membership to your .eco profile is a pretty simple process. Simply edit your .eco profile and select the Certification or Membership sections. You can then choose from a pre-existing list of certifications (obtained from our sister site or membership - or you can create your own.

Some certifications, such as BCorp, have profile pages for each of their members. You can edit the certification link to point directly to your certification profile page to underscore that you hold the certification.

Similarly, some organizations, such as Business Declares, link to a declaration on your web site. So you can customize the link to point there.

There are many, many certifications and environmental organizations out there. We recognize that our list of defaults is not comprehensive. If you think that there are some organizations that we should definitely add, please send us a message via chat and we'll consider adding it to the list.

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