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How do I change the header image on my .eco profile
How do I change the header image on my .eco profile

Use the header image to visually distinguish your .eco profile

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All .eco profiles come with a default header image. However, we encourage you to replace it with an image that uniquely represents your look and brand. A picture is worth a thousand words and the .eco profile header image is one simple way to tell your story to the .eco community and to visitors to 

There are several additional benefits to customizing the header image on your .eco profile:

  • From the user testing we've done, profiles with a custom header image are much more likely to be clicked on and explored. Without a custom header, profiles are perceived as being incomplete.

  • Profiles with a custom header image are sorted to the top of the lists of profiles. Adding a custom header image makes your .eco profile much more likely to be found and viewed.

  • The profile header image is used in the 'social card' for your .eco profile. This means that if anyone posts your .eco profile to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social networks, your profile header image will be included with the post.

How do I change the header image?

On the edit screen for your .eco profile, you can click on the Add background image button to specify the header image to use.

There are two ways that you can set your profile header image:

  • You can either upload an image directly from your computer or phone by using the Upload Image button.

  • You can specify the URL of an image that is already hosted online, like on your website, by entering it into the Image Link text box.

Accepted image formats include .png, .jpeg, .webp, .avif, .svg, .tiff and .gif. We recommend using a modern image format like .webp, .avif or .svg. The image should be less than 5 megabytes (MB) in size and ideally should be 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall (or have a 3:1 aspect ratio). We will automatically crop and compress images so that they will fit the header image section and won't be slow for visitors to download when they see your .eco profile. Images that have a different aspect ratio will be cropped at the edges, keeping the center of the image consistent.

If you are uploading your logo to use as your header image, we recommend using an SVG file as they are generally much smaller image files. See this article as to why this matters. SVG files will not be cropped or resized, as this is unnecessary for vector graphics. However, please ensure that the SVG image does not have an explicit width and height so that it can be resized on the page as necessary.

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